Custom Jewelry Design Services

This is some information about our custom services.

At TQ Jewelers, we specialize in designing custom pieces for the jewelry industry.

All of our clients are in direct contact with the specific CAD designer that will be making their piece. Our designer has worked in the the jewelry industry for over 40 years as a master bench jeweler / master model maker / CAD jewelry designer.

The CAD jewelry design begins with an idea from the client. We are able to create your designs from anything from a simple idea to a completed mechanical drafting of the piece. Generally the more specific you are about your project, the easier it is. With all designs we ask the client to include:

  • Customers ring size
  • Center stone dimensions, Type and Cut (shape)
  • Accent and/or side stone sizes, Type and Cut (shape)
  • Thickness of any specific design features the customer wants
  • Overall size of piece
  • We also greatly encourage clients to include any illustrations they have of the desired piece; some clients include an actual sample.

    Once you have been in direct contact with your designer, they will begin the CAD design. When the design is finished, they will provide you with the renderings.

    Once you have approved the renderings, a wax model is printed and delivered to the client.

    Please contact us for more info.

    Q & A

    What is the cost of the CAD design & model?
    Because every piece is different, the cost will be different as well. Our fee starts at $80 per hour for a basic CAD design and rendering. Typically designs range from 1-3 hours. Something more complex will require you to contact us to get a quote.

    How long does it take to complete a design?
    Most designs take 2 to 6 days.

    What if I am unhappy with a design?
    We will modify it until you are completely happy with it.

    Will there be any additional fee for changes?
    Not for minor changes, if it requires a complete redraw, yes.

    What if the stone sizes I give dont fit in the size of the piece?
    Any time there is a conflict with metal thickness or stone sizes, your designer will contact you with their recommendations for your approval.

    Will TQ Jewelry reuse my designs for other companies?
    Absolutely not, your designs were created for you specifically and they will never be shared with other companies.